Adult massage review boards and forums are a great source of information, but they don't give you a complete picture of what to expect when visiting an adult massage parlor. It's for this reason that we've created this site. We want you to experience the world of erotic massage from the comfort and security of your own home. A sensual massage allows you to surrender your body to the hands of an experienced massage therapist who will bring you to some of the most intense orgasms you will ever experience. Join us on this erotic journey of intense tantric pleasure.

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Asian Sex Massage Therapy caught on camera

Asian Massage

Asian massage therapists offer some of the best sex massages in the world. We go behind the scenes to watch as male customers enjoy the ultimate happy ending handjobs, blowjobs, and in some cases, even full service! These asian massage attendants know their business, and aim to please every time!

Hegre-Art of Erotic Sex Massage

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Hegre-Art produces some of the most erotic massage videos ever made. These high quality productions feature both male/female and female/female massages filmed in some of the most exotic locations in the world. These videos are slow, sensuous and very arousing. Hegre takes the art of the sex massage and raises it to a whole new level.

Hegre Massage Videos

Dominant Handjob Sex Massage Videos

Erotic Handjob Massage

There is nothing quite like a relaxing sex massage with a handjob happy ending. But some guys like a little more from their massage therapist. They want a complete femdom experience along with their nude massage. These videos feature great handjobs sex with a femdom angle. Very sexy indeed!

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Gay Spa and Bathhouse Sex Massage Videos

gay massage spa video

Gay sex massage videos featuring great looking guys and fun twinks. Come and watch gay and straight men receive happy ending massages from Gay tops.

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How to find a massage exchange partner on the internet

How to find a massage exchange partner

Looking to hookup with other sexy singles or couples who are into the sensual massage scene? We can help. Here are some of the top destinations for those looking for both adult and therapeutic massage exchanges. Good luck with your search!

1) Adult Friend Finder

Adult FriendFinder is the biggest adult sex personals site on the internet. You'll find people into just about any fetish on this website, including both men and women who are into erotic massage exchange.

2) is all about "no strings attached" relationships and casual sex encounters. In fact, this adult dating and personals site is so confident that you'll meet that perfect someone that it offers it's clients a "Hookup Guarantee". Like AdultFriendFinder, this site caters to just about every fetish, so you'll have little trouble finding women and men who are into the erotic massage exchange scene!

3) is a niche matchmaking site for those looking for a therapeutic or sensual massage partner. The site is a favorite of the massage exchange community.

How to meet new Skype chat partners - the easy way

What follows is a video tutorial demonstrating an easy way to meet women and men who enjoy chatting with other open minded individuals via webcam and Skype.


Erotic Massage for Couples

Massage oil and candles

All relationships need to be nurtured with immense love, patience and care for the bonds to grow stronger over time. The relationship between couples is certainly no exception. There are many ways to help achieve this level of intimacy and a sensual massage is surely one of them. In fact, the very essence of a tantric massage is to develop strong emotional and spiritual bonds by being physically in touch with each other.

Unlike other forms of massage, relaxation is not the main goal for this unique activity. Tantric massages use lovemaking as a way to connect two souls rather than focusing on sex and pleasure. The practice is part of ancient elaborate rituals which awakens the mind and lets the couple truly enjoy the moment. It allows them to attune to themselves and each other’s needs without conversation.

Unlike modern day foreplay, tantric massages require time and patience to be properly enjoyed. It usually takes a minimum of 2-3 hours for a person to complete the massage. It also requires immense discipline and self control to attain a particular state of human consciousness and bliss. This can be difficult as most people will easily succumb to their primal sexual urges.

Tantric massages can be a form of complete dedication of a woman towards her man. It is also an opportunity for both partners to explore each other’s sexual needs. A lingam massage is a way to honor a man and his ultimate sexual organ, the penis. This is done by performing sensual strokes in an effort to maximize the girth of the male erection, so that he is able to provide maximum satisfaction to his female partner.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, lingam massage is not only about ‘stroking the penis’ with the intention of making the man ejaculate. The goal of a lingam massage is to relax the whole body so that the man can extend and prolong the period of ecstasy. This type of massage teaches both the partners to exercise self control and restraint.

Tantric couple massages are a unique way to forge relationships which rise above sexuality. It's an extremely healthy way to develop an unspoken bond between both partners and to learn each others sexual needs. It allows lovers to achieve ecstasy without being sexual. These massages are rejuvenating, extremely sensual in nature and help develop energies that go deeper than physical fulfillment.

The most creative nude handjob massage videos on the Internet

Erotic Handjob Massage

We've come across our fair share of nude handjob sex sites in our day, but this is one of the most interesting ones out there. These amateurs deliver unique handjob massages and are not afraid to experiment. If you are into female dominated handjobs, this site is for you!

Handjob Sex Massage Videos

Kama Sutra introduces new line of massage candles

Massage oil and candles

Kama Sutra makes some of the best erotic massage oil you can buy. They have now introduced a new product, the massage candle.

Each candle features a distinct fragrance and includes only the best ingredients such as coconut oil, soybean oil, apricot oil and vitamin E oil. The candles burn clean and fills the room with sensual scents. A unique product that will take your massage experience to the next level.

The candles are come in four sensual fragrances — Island Passion, Tropical Nights, Deep Ocean and Mediterranean Almond. Available now at your local adult novelty store.

Swinger Club Sex Parties and the art of erotic massage

Swinger Sex Massage

Whenever you attend a swinger sex party, a massage table is usually available to help couples break the ice. Fact is, swingers and sex massages go hand in hand (no pun intended). We have found two of the best (and authentic) swinger sex video sites for your entertainment pleasure. And yes, swinger clubs are a great place to meet new massage exchange partners.

Swinger Club Sex Massage Parties

USA Swinger Club Sex Videos

5 great sex massage sites served with a twist of fetish goodness!

Femdom Massage Videos

We love these 5 sex massage fetish sites - sometimes, a man wants the woman to take control - he wants to explore his submissive side and be dominated - these sites explore the darker side of massage and escort sex encounters!

Pick your fetish - they are all fun and somewhat kinky!

The World Famous Amsterdam Red Light District Hookers caught on video!

Amsterdam Massage Parlour Attendant

Always wondered what it's like in the red light district of Amsterdam? Now it's the time to find out! At you can see everything about the hottest hookers of Amsterdam, the best coffee shops to go to and tons of other cool stuff!

Welcome to Red Light Sex Trips - Amsterdam Window Prostitutes


This is a great site for anyone considering a sex massage. It pretty much replicates what really happens behind closed doors. I have not yet found a massage parlor that offers the Nuru massage, but would love to experience that.

I had my first sex massage in Chicago - and it was an accident. Through an online message forum I found referrals to what is referred to as a "Blue Balls" massage parlor. This is where the massage therapist stays fully clothed, but you receive the massage completely naked. Regardless of how aroused you get during the session, the therapist will not touch your genital area - or so that is how things are supposed to go.

I arrived at the location which was located in a very nice building and greeted by a very friendly receptionist. She called my therapist (Katrina) who arrived a short moment later. She wasn't a knockout by any means, but attractive in a "girl next door" kind of way.

She led me to the massage room and gave me a description of her services and instructions. I was to completely undress, take a shower (not optional), then lie down on the table face down. A very small towel (almost a face cloth) was provided, but she said that most clients prefer to be completely nude. She left the room, and I proceeded to the shower, which was very large and clean.

I lied down on the massage table as instructed, and before long, Katrina reappeared. She began the massage by asking me if I was comfortable. She was very friendly and wanted to make sure that I was completely relaxed. She then proceeded to softly let her hands glide along the entire length of my body, and really seemed to enjoy rubbing my ass. This is when things started to get interesting.

As she massaged my inner thigh, she would reach in really deep, and as she withdrew her hands, would extend her fingers in such a way as they would gently rub along the side of my scrotum. What she was in fact doing is gauging my reaction by engaging in some light ball teasing. This went on for about 10 minutes and then the massage took a turn for the better.

Katrina started to massage my balls in a more direct manner by lightly running her fingertips over them. She took note of my acceptance of this gesture, and before long, and slid her hand beneath my scrotum to surround it completely, and began to fondle my balls. I was in heaven, and she knew it.

She them continued the massage by working on my legs, back and arms. About half way through the session, she asked me if I was enjoying myself. I told her the massage was the best I had ever had. She then instructed me to turn around and lie on my back. I knew my cock was rock hard, and in a way, I think she knew as well. I turned as instructed, and caught her eyeing my erection as I settled into my new position.

She began massaging my legs, working her way slowly up to my crotch. I then felt some massage oil dripping onto my cock, and before long, I felt her warm hand wrap around my erection. This was going to be much more than a blue balls massage.

Katrina was giving me a tantric massage, which involves the massaging of the genitals, but in harmony with the massage of the entire body. The genital massage is not the main focus of the session, but nevertheless and integral part of the service.

Her hands would softly travel the entire length of my body, and she would at some points stop to focus on my penis. In one instance, she held my penis at the base so that is was pointing straight up, and began a single finger massage of the shaft and head, tracing every vein with her finger. I cannot describe how erotic this sensation was.

As we approached the end of the session, Katrina cupped my balls in one hand and closed the other around my cock. She told me to relax my body, close my eyes, and turn my complete focus on my orgasm and how her hands felt around my cock. Within 5 minutes, I exploded into a thunderous orgasm.

I strongly recommend that you search you area for tantric massage therapists. They offer an experience which is second to none.

The Hegre massage videos are by far the best in terms of video quality and production values. You almost feel like you're in the room with the massage therapist. The sound, lighting and sexy attendants really brings these videos to life.

Well done - I love this site. My favorite is the Femdom massage handjobs. Being secured to a massage table for a good penis milking is totally hot. The Hegre massage videos are also worth a look, as others have mentioned, the video quality is amazing.

Check out the British escort videos. These are not actors, but REAL UK escorts who agreed to be videotaped. There is some handjob and massage action, but most of the movies include full service encounters with CIM and swallow. You can actually make appointments and have sex with these escorts. Very cool.

Found a Nuru massage parlor in San Fransisco. That massage gel is really, really slippery - and yes, for all you environmentalists, it is 100% organic. A little hard to wash off following the massage, but otherwise a pleasant experience. Highly recommended.

EDITORS NOTE: You can purchase real NURU Massage Gel from this site - NURUNURUGEL.COM

How to meet new Webcam Sex Friends - Part 2

This video demonstrates another great option to meet new webcam chat friends. Best of all, this approach is 100% free.


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